In these photographs, through the use of elements reminiscent of theatre and Boxhead characters, I address issues of identity in its various manifestations, such as one’s ethical, political, and cultural affiliations. The Boxheads themselves are a type of ubiquitous self-portrait, a self-portrait lacking in the elements that typically signify self-portraiture, i.e. ostensible resemblance to the artist. Instead, they are my identity-less agents through which I question the nature of my own identity. They have no affiliations or allegiances to anything except for the world, the frame in which they are immediately implicated.

The box represents a stripped-down metaphor for the head via associations with the phrase “think outside of the box.” For me this phrase represents a revolutionary mode of thinking: one should not just think creatively, but think outside of cultural and institutional conventions that reinforce the status quo. This phrase represents the ability to not only expand upon established ideas, but also question the justification that forms their foundation. BoxHead represents a questioning that does not just attempt to understand my condition as a part of this world at its roots, but, also, the nature of the soil that nourishes the root in order to understand this condition in its totality. {Project}